After Further Review: Skins work record overtime

After Further Review: Skins work record overtime
December 26, 2010, 11:54 pm
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Sunday, December 26, 2010 7:00 PM

By Rich Tandler
Redskins Blogger


Some observations on the Washington Redskins 20-17 overtime win over the Jacksonville Jaguars: --Last week after Rex Grossman threw for 322 yards and four touchdowns against the Cowboys, some said that while Grossmans numbers were moderately impressive, it didnt matter because the Redskins lost. I wonder if the same people will overlook the flaws in his performance today because the Redskins won. Youre either a bottom line person or youre not. If nothing good can come out of a loss, it follows that nothing bad can come out of a win. Both of those propositions are ridiculous, of course, but that doesnt prevent some people from holding contradictory views on them. --This was the Redskins fourth overtime game of the year, the most the team has ever played in a season. They have three wins in those games, also the most ever for the team in a single season. They have played three overtime games in a season twice, in 1975 (1-2) and in 1999 (2-1). It was the second overtime game between the Redskins and Jaguars. In 2006 Washington won a game that was considerably more entertaining than todays contest in overtime on a 68-yard touchdown pass from Mark Brunell to Santana Moss. The Redskins are 4-1 all-time vs. the Jaguars. --Graham Gano field goals have provided the winning points in all three of those OT wins. He missed a field goal attempt in the overtime loss to the Texans. Earlier in Sundays game he nailed a 48-yarder in a tricky crosswind. Against the Bucs two weeks ago, he missed two very makeable field goals. This is the definition of an up and down season from a second-year kicker with just 19 games under his belt. There are those who cant wait to get rid of him but this is what rebuilding and going young, concepts favored by many, look like. Young players make mistakes (Gano is 23). They are just more obvious when they are made by a kicker for a team that is involved in so many close games. -- Moss had five receptions for 85 yards, giving him 84 catches for 1,041 yards on the year. That ties his career high in receptions. He also had 84 in 2005. The yardage represents the second-best total of his career. Moss set the Redskins team record with 1,483 yards in 2005. He will be a free agent this coming offseason and his situation will bear watching. If the team keeps Moss, who will be 32 before training camp, that may be a sign that any rebuilding efforts will be moderate in terms of bringing in younger plays. If he goes, it could be a sign that all-out blowing it up is underway. --The Redskins allowed 336 yards of offense today and in doing so they decreased their chances of giving up an average of 400 yards per game for the 2010 season. Washington surrendered an average of 397.6 yards a game going in and they came out giving up an average of 393.5. The Redskins would have to give up 497 yards in the finale against the Giants to push that average up to 400 per game. Still, at a total of 5,903 yards given up their will almost certainly yield over 6,000 yards on the season. With a game left, they already are the worst defense in team history in terms of yardage given up, surpassing the 5,723 yards given up by the 1996 team. --The Redskins very green safety duo of Macho Harris and Kevin Barnes played well for stretches and then were exploited continually by David Garrard at other times. Harris had only one tackle and Barnes had three. Barnes, of course, had the interception that set up the game-winning touchdown. Although the ball fluttered right to him thanks to great pass pressure and a dumb decision to throw the ball by Garrard, we have seen a number of passes like that dropped by defenders this year. --Speaking of dropped passes, Carlos Rogers got an interception, too, setting up the Redskins first touchdown. (OK, that joke is getting old.) He also will be a free agent this year and, as with Moss, his situation will be interesting to watch. Rogers will be 30 before next season.