12 Days of Christmas: Shelvin Mack

12 Days of Christmas: Shelvin Mack
December 16, 2011, 8:06 pm
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By Trevor Jackson

On the 11th day of Christmas, Ernie gave to me: Shelvin Mack...

Think Positive twitter.comshelvinmack. is what Shelvin Mack posts everyday on his twitter. I am sure that is what Ernie Grunfeld and the Wizards were thinking when they picked Shelvin in the second round of this years draft. Wizards fans may not know exactly they are getting with Mack, but that daily twitter post should help sum it up.

Macks biggest strength seems to be his attitude. When it comes to character, it is going to be hard to find any negatives with him. The guy is a flat out winner. All you have to do is look at his runs in the NCAA tournament with Butler to see that. He has the will to win and the toughness on the court (as seen in photo below) to make it happen. He is the type of player who always puts the team first, which is exactly what this Wizards squad needs.

(Mack wins the Hard Hat after the last day of training camp)

Mack is going to have a chance on this young team to contribute immediately. He will be used primarily at back up point guard to spell John Wall at times. Mack was more of a scorer at Butler, so it remains to be seen how well he will be able to run the offense playing strictly point. Mack will need to show that he can handle the ball and limit turnovers while maintaining the aggressiveness that got him drafted in the first place. We may also see him get some playing time at shooting guard if Flip Saunders decides to go to a three guard set, which he has done in the past. During his three years at Butler, Mack showed he is a capable scorer off the dribble. He will need to work on his jump shot and long-range spot up shooting if he is going to be paired on the court at the same time as Wall. If Mack can carry over the grit, determination, and toughness he displayed in the NCAA tournament to this Washington Wizards team, he should be able to carve out an immediate role. With his attitude and work ethic, he can make an impact on this team both on and off the floor. As Vince Lombardi once said, Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Shelvin Mack has shown in the past that he is a winner, and this winning attitude is exactly what Washington needs to help turn their culture around. The young Wizards are on the come up, and by adding Shelvin Mack to the already dynamic back court, we are all thinking positive.

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