Erick Green's next stop? Not Denver, but Italy

Erick Green's next stop? Not Denver, but Italy
July 30, 2013, 12:30 pm
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The Denver Nuggets' backcourt situation, one that involved former Virginia tech star Erick Green, didn't quite make sense for the incoming rookie. Now it does, now that we know Green isn't immediately coming to the NBA.

Green, who led Division I in scoring last season, will take his point guard and point-producing ways overseas, having signed a one-year deal with Siena of Italy, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski.

On draft night, the Nuggets acquired the highly-efficient Green's rights in a trade even with Ty Lawson and Andre Miller on the roster. Fine, Green could learn the NBA game behind two established veterans. But then the Nuggets acquired combo guard Randy Foye and signed scoring point guard Nate Robinson. That didn't just shut out Green for playing time, but perhaps a roster spot altogether. 

Apparently part of the Nuggets plan involved letting the 6-foot-3 Green, who averaged 25 points per game for the Hokies last season, get his playing time elsewhere while still maintaining his rights. From Wojnarowski:

The Denver Nuggets traded for Green's rights on draft night and plan to stay connected with Siena coach Marco Crespi regarding the guard's development next season. Denver has a full roster of contracts and had been limited on flexibility to sign Green for the 2013-14 season.

Siena has a strong recent history of success with guards, including Bobby Brown and Bo McCalebb. Siena has won seven consecutive Italian League championships.

Considering the Nuggets roster, this seems like a better option for Green, assuming he doesn't have an aversion to pasta and can find somewhere to live in Tuscany (Seinfeld fans are smiling). No doubt he could learn a lot from those notable point guards in Denver, but nothing replaces actually playing, whether in Europe or the D-League. If all works out, Green will be applying his trade in the NBA before long.