Survey says Ravens not uppermost in others' minds

Survey says Ravens not uppermost in others' minds
November 9, 2012, 1:45 pm
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The Sporting News has been releasing results of various questions it put to about 100 NFL players. For better or worse, the Ravens don't make a big impact on any of the poll results:

*Dirtiest player: Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh won this for the second straight year. Steelers linebacker James Harrison was fourth, but no Raven made the top seven.

*Underrated coach: The Ravens' John Harbaugh got three votes, which tied him for 11th with the Bengals' Marvin Lewis. The Texans' Gary Kubiak and the Falcons' Mike Smith tied for first with 15.

*Overrated coach: Harbaugh got a couple of votes here, too, but the Jets' Rex Ryan ran away with the vote, with 35.

*Coach you'd most like to play for: The Steelers' Mike Tomlin far outdistanced the field (31), but Harbaugh did receive five votes.

*Best organization: The Ravens make the list (two votes), but aren't near the top, which goes Patriots, Steelers, Giants, Packers.

The whole "underrated" category is always an odd one. If someone is underrated but now you're rating him, didn't he just stop being underrated?

It would be interesting to know how much of the players' responses were influenced by media — just like any fan's would be — and how much was a reflection of what they have observed or heard from teammates and those on other teams.

For example, here's what one NFC player said about Ryan: “There's just too much going on there — too many things that don't have to do with football. Now there’s the whole quarterback thing. He seems like he likes having all these other things going on. There never seems to just be football.”

That could have come from a talk-show caller, couldn't it?