Suggs doesn't Skip a beat debating Skip Bayless

Suggs doesn't Skip a beat debating Skip Bayless
November 7, 2012, 5:15 am
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Terrell Suggs’ return from injury obviously is complete. He just appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” to engage Skip Bayless in debate over whether the Ravens would make the playoffs. Bayless apparently was making the argument — which you have to doubt he even believes — that the Ravens will lose seven in the row and miss the postseason.

“Just when I think more foolishness couldn’t come out of your mouth, you surprise me,” Suggs said.

"Do you know our record at home for the past two years? Do you know how many consecutive wins we have in the division?” Suggs said. The answers are 12-0 and 11. “We lost Ray Lewis and do you know what our record was? 4-0. We know the task is hard but it can be done."

Things deteriorated from there, with Bayless referring to Joe Flacco as “Fluke-o” and Suggs defending his quarterback.

Fortunately for the Ravens, Suggs didn’t sprain a vocal chord.

Watch Suggs' appearance here.