Reed coughs up disrespect for Batch

Reed coughs up disrespect for Batch
December 4, 2012, 3:45 am
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It may not rank as another chapter in the Ravens-Steelers rivalry — in fact, it may not be more than a footnote — but Ed Reed added something else to toss on the fire that keeps these two teams hating each other.

After Sunday’s game, while a reporter was interviewing Ravens safety Bernard Pollard about Charlie Batch’s remarkable performance, the reporter asked Pollard whether he was surprised by what Batch was able to do as a nearly 38-year-old quarterback who has been a backup for years.

Pollard replied, as reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “No, he is a professional quarterback. He is on the roster for a reason …”

While Pollard was talking, Reed coughed out the old barnyard epithet, a move immortalized in film – as recalled by Pro Football Talk — by Val Kilmer in “Top Gun,” or, if you prefer, a variation on the Deltas during the disciplinary hearing in “Animal House.” (Don’t click on either if you’re offended by potty mouths.)

Later, asked the same question, Reed said: “It is not surprising at all … well, maybe a little bit.”

Apparently, no one was coughing in the background that time.