Ray Lewis isn't ready to practice yet

Ray Lewis isn't ready to practice yet
November 28, 2012, 6:30 pm
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Coach John Harbaugh quickly poured cold water on Ray Lewis talk on Wednesday.

Lewis, who Harbaugh said would return from the injured list before the regular season ends earlier in the week, is eligible to return to practice Thursday but likely won't.

The 17th-year linebacker tore his triceps in an Oct. 14 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

"Ray Lewis is here. … He’s not practicing today. We’ll just play it day-by-day as far as whether he practices or not," Harbaugh said. "He’s not imminent to return to play or anything like that so to me it’s really a non-story.

"He’ll go out there when he’s ready to practice when the elbow holds up and when that happens we’ll let you know."

The Ravens play a home game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Lewis wouldn't eligible to play a regular season game until Dec. 16 at the earliest.

That would be a home game vs. the Denver Broncos.