Ravens, Steelers don't get punchy

Ravens, Steelers don't get punchy
November 19, 2012, 6:15 am
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As much as the Ravens and Steelers turn their AFC North rivalry into a hard-hitting, pound-it-out game, one thing refreshingly missing from Sunday’s game was the extracurricular foolishness.

There was one instance of pushing and shoving and grabbing on the Ravens sideline, but otherwise, the game was largely free of chippiness between the teams. We didn’t see punches thrown or helmets yanked off. And whatever jawing was going on didn’t escalate into something that merited getting the officials involved to break it up.

Ravens safety Ed Reed got called for a helmet-to-helmet hit — though it was one of those where it’s hard to know whether it was precipitated by a receiver’s dropping his head lower. And when the Steelers’ Larry Foote got flagged for tripping, the NBC replay showed it was more for the attempt than for actually connecting with his legs and doing any damage.

So though the two teams combined for 10 penalties, it wasn’t an especially dirty game — at least not from a view a safe remove from the field. In that way, the latest Ravens-Steelers was good, old-fashioned football, befitting those dreadful bumblebee throwback jerseys that Pittsburgh was wearing.