Ravens injuries also affect practice on defense

Ravens injuries also affect practice on defense
November 2, 2012, 8:45 pm
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The injuries on defense have hurt the Ravens in a number of ways on the field on game days. But defensive coordinator Dean Pees talked earlier this week about how they bother his group in other ways.

"A part of the problem too, a little bit, is sometimes with injuries is that everybody doesn't practice all week," Pees said when talking with the media on Thursday. "You kind of forget that sometimes, because all you really see is Sundays."

So far, only six of 11 players have started every game on defense this season. That tells how much injuries have held players back. But it also shows what Pees was talking about in terms of how it can affect the defense in practice.

"When you’re trying to get a unit together and you’re trying to get everybody in the same spot, you tell a guy, ‘Going into this week, we are going to play you at this spot." Pees said. "Here’s what we want you to do. Here’s what we want you to hone on. This is what we really want you to study.’ So, then you go out to practice and somebody is missing from another spot, and you have to take that guy and move him over to that spot, and you just got done telling him in the meeting, ‘I want you to think about this,’ and now he’s going out and practicing this, but in the game then he’s going to go back and play the other."

That shows the way players are being moved around a lot during the week-- something that can affect how well they get to know a position or what the coaches expect them to do.

Pees made a good point about how those problems have the team moving players to different spots during the week, shifting them around in a way that coaches probably aren't thrilled with. That's one of the other problems getting so many injuries has caused, something people don't always realize.