Ravens going back to their old penalty ways

Ravens going back to their old penalty ways
October 25, 2012, 7:45 am
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Here’s a little nostalgic trip to the annoying, old days for Ravens fans. Guess in which category the Ravens rank No. 1 in the league?

Most penalized. (Thanks to baltimoreravens.com for pointing this out.)

Now, isn’t that a trip down Memory Lane, Mr. and Ms. Ravens Fan? Remember the undisciplined play that would make you gnash your teeth?

Through seven weeks, the Ravens have drawn a league-leading 63 penalties, with 495 yards’ worth of infractions marched off (that ranks No. 2). In penalties accepted against them per game, the Ravens are second, with 8.1 to the Cowboys’ 8.7.

"You can coach against penalties, and we always want to do that,” coach John Harbaugh said Monday. "We’ve got to keep working in that direction.

"There were a couple of [penalties in Sunday’s game] that weren’t really that necessary.”

The Ravens are committing nearly three more penalties a game this season than in 2011. They finished last year with 5.4 per game, which put them among the least-penalized teams in the NFL, tied for seventh-fewest.

With the way the defense has been playing this season, the last thing the Ravens can afford to do is give away yards to the opposition.