Ravens fans not feeling it

Ravens fans not feeling it
November 10, 2012, 6:45 am
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Writing at baltimoreravens.com, Ravens vice president for public relations Kevin Byrne accurately captured the mood surrounding this team in describing how fans aren’t embracing the 6-2 record and instead are focusing on the Ravens’ faults.

“It feels like fans aren't having as much fun with the 2012 Ravens,” Byrne wrote. “What's my barometer for that? Don't like admitting it, but what the media are saying and what I hear on sports talk have influence on me. We are being second-guessed and criticized. I understand that. Comes with the territory.”

This doesn’t feel like a 6-2 season, does it? There have been ugly wins and constant concerns about inconsistent offense and sieve-like defense, particularly against the run.

Byrne said it’s a matter of the expectations the Ravens have built, leaving fans frustrated when the team chugs along instead of shifting into high-speed cruise control.

“We are a team in flux,” Byrne wrote. “We're changing. The good news is that we're finding ways to win and stay in the playoff hunt in the meantime.”

Maybe by the time the playoffs roll around, the fans will be feeling better about the Ravens. And it actually may not take that long. After Sunday’s game against Oakland, the Ravens face the Steelers twice in three weeks. If the Ravens win those two — ugly or not — this fans’ funk will be long gone.