Pointing a finger at Harbaugh

Pointing a finger at Harbaugh
December 6, 2012, 8:00 am
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We seem to have a little difference of opinion about the Ravens on the NFL Network.

Commentator Michael Lombardi said the Ravens will rebound from their loss to the Steelers and be fine down the stretch even with a challenging schedule.

“They’ll respond,” he said. “This has typically been the case under John Harbaugh.”

Heath Evans takes a different view — in fact, he said Harbaugh is a problem with this team.

“I think there’s a dysfunction on this team,” Evans said, referring to a recent report at Yahoo! Sports that detailed what one player called a “mutiny” against Harbaugh.

“They should have wiped the floor in a lot of ways with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they didn’t get it done,” Evans said. “Talk about mental toughness. Mental toughness takes advantage and takes care of teams inside the division.”

Evans then summed up by saying: “I don’t think they have a chance to play championship football when there’s not enough respect for the head coach.”

Evans seems to have missed the point of Michael Silver’s Yahoo article. Silver referred to Harbaugh as “perhaps the league's most underrated authority figure” and cited the “mutiny” that turned into an exchange of ideas between players and coach for “Harbaugh's deft handling of that emotional give-and-take.”

But if the Ravens stumble again, expect to hear more about “dysfunction.”