One loss and Ravens sky is falling

One loss and Ravens sky is falling
December 4, 2012, 5:30 am
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Let’s say the sack strip of Joe Flacco never happened on Sunday. Let’s say Charlie Batch didn’t lead the Steelers to late scores. Let’s say the Ravens somehow held on to beat Pittsburgh.

Would we be hearing about how the Ravens were 10-2 for the first time? No, we likely would be hearing about how the Ravens had barely beaten a team using a nearly 40-year-old, third-string quarterback.

Sometimes it seems that everyone is completely underwhelmed by what is still a 9-3 team. Flacco expressed the perception to reporters after Sunday’s game:

"Everybody wants to act like the world's coming down on us when we've lost one game. You have to realize you're a 9-3 football team. Obviously, we don't feel good about it right now, but we have to do all we can to come out and win next week. Like I said, we're 9-3. We're not 3-9. This isn't our ninth loss. It's our third.”

And now some people want to look at the Ravens’ remaining schedule — Redskins, Broncos, Giants, Bengals — and see nothing but losses to close out the season.

Really? In winning nine of 12 games, did the Ravens look like a team likely to close out the season with five straight losses?

It’s the perception, not the sky, that is falling.