O-linemen could be on the move

O-linemen could be on the move
October 24, 2012, 11:15 pm
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The blowout loss to the Houston Texans has Ravens coach John Harbaugh thinking.

For the third time in four games, quarterback Joe Flacco was sacked exactly four times.

Though depth at the offensive line was expected to be a strength -- and relative to the Ravens' other problems, it's not that major of an issue -- the overall play has been shaky at times.

Rookie right tackle Kelechi Osemele went down with a right ankle and knee injury in the Texans game but returned in the second half.

Veteran left tackle Bryant McKinnie, who lost his starting job to make room for Osemele, filled in. McKinnie, however, has been bothered by a hip flexor and couldn't play much.

Bobbie Williams, the team's biggest free-agent acquisition who was coming off a broke ankle, took over the starting job at left guard from Ramon Harewood. Harewood hasn't been active the last two games and has been listed as having a head injury, according to the team's injury reports last week.

"That’s a possibility," Harbaugh said when asked if he'll make changes during the bye week before the next game Nov. 4 at the Cleveland Browns. "We’re not benching guys and putting other guys in there and all that kind of stuff. To me, that wouldn’t be a fair description of what we’re doing.

"On our offensive line, we’re just trying to find a good mix. To me, guys are probably going to be playing since we have a mix of young guys and older guys. I would guess we’re going to roll some guys in there and see how they do. Let’s take a look at some young guys and see how they do. Let’s keep the veterans available and let them play a little bit. Yes, we’d like to have five guys who are rock solid and who are in there and working with everybody all the time. It’s really just not where we’re at right now."

He saw how the Texans move around linemen in their offensive scheme. To make such a move isn't uncommon in the NFL.

"If we get hot with a group, then we’ll stick with it. But (we’re) not shutting anybody out of an opportunity right now, because we’re just not sure what the best situation is going to be, and it might be rolling some guys in," Harbaugh said. "Houston does that. A lot of teams do that, so we could do that, too.”