No huddle could be no problem for Ravens

No huddle could be no problem for Ravens
August 20, 2012, 7:43 am
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The Ravens will be looking to change things on offense this year. They want the offense to be more dangerous, to do more damage and basically take pressure off the defense.
One thing that many around the area including the team on their website have been talking about is how the Ravens were using the no-huddle or hurry-up offense. It showed some good looks in Fridays loss to the Lions, but, as weve said several times before, this is only the pre-season so the team wont show much.
Quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell knows a little about this from his days with the Indianapolis Colts, where former quarterback Peyton Manning often employed it. That offense lets a team control different phases of the game.

If you get up in the line of scrimmage, obviously, you can go as fast as you want to or as slow as you want to, coach John Harbaugh said when talking to the media after Sundays practice at Stevenson. We are going to be huddling at some point in time during the season. Its going to be part of what we do, but we get to the line of scrimmage, you can snap it or not snap it. So its kind of our choice.
The offense is always looking for ways to control the defense. Thats why you use different formations, sets and schemes. Its part of the game. Its part of every game.
But the way Manning and the Colts used it was different than other teams. It seemed kind of similar to what Jim Kelly and friends did with the Buffalo Bills and their high-octane offenses of the early 90s. There was a bit of a different twist since Manning was more interested in managing the clock.
It also seems to be something that could fit the talents of quarterback Joe Flacco.
It allows us to unwind the blitzes a little bit, to uncover their defense a little bit to some extent, Harbaugh said. I think Joes really advanced that way right now as far as determining that, and he gets to the line a lot of the times without a play or with a formation, and a few play options, and he can make the choice based on what he sees.