Momentum for Ravens? Not really, they say

Momentum for Ravens? Not really, they say
November 11, 2012, 11:15 pm
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In football, we hear a lot about momentum. So you might think that the Ravens will carry a lot of that with them into next week’s huge AFC North matchup with the Steelers because of how they blew out the Raiders on Sunday.

But that won’t necessarily be the case.

After Sunday’s game, both coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Joe Flacco — using nearly identical language — talked about how one week’s performance doesn’t really serve as a predictor for the next game.

And asked about whether such a dominating win can help build the Ravens’ confidence heading into Pittsburgh, Flacco said everybody was already pretty confident, so this game wasn’t going to do much to build them up.

So, other than assuring the Ravens will be at least a full game ahead of the Steelers atop the division, there appears to be minimal carryover effect for Baltimore, according to a couple of the team’s principals. (Well, the Ravens also did give the Steelers a good look at one of their fake field-goal plays, but that’s another issue.)

Is this a matter of every Sunday being a completely new day in the NFL? Or are the Ravens just being really dismissive of the Raiders?

In any case, if the Ravens overindulged a bit Sunday, expect the hangover to be long gone by next week.