Leftwich ill-suited to Steelers offense?

Leftwich ill-suited to Steelers offense?
November 15, 2012, 5:00 am
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If Byron Leftwich were a pitcher, he would give up a bunch of stolen bases. It’s the windup. And that’s why his insertion as the Steelers’ starting quarterback in the absence of injured Ben Roethlisberger is problematic for Pittsburgh — and another advantage for the Ravens for Sunday’s game.

Let ESPN.com’s Jamison Hensley explain:

“Leftwich might have the slowest release in NFL history. The big criticism of Leftwich over his career has been his long windup. He looks more like someone pitching for the Pirates than throwing passes for the Steelers. His release is the extreme opposite of Kurt Warner.”

And this becomes a bigger issue because of the offense new coordinator Todd Haley has installed with the Steelers. The offense uses quick-release passing.

“If the Steelers knew this was the direction of Haley's offense,” Hensley writes, “I'm confused on why they would think Leftwich would be a good fit in Pittsburgh. Leftwich's strong arm and desire to throw deep is better suited for the Steelers' old offense under Bruce Arians.”

So do the Steelers suddenly scrap the offense they have been running all season in order to accommodate the slow-winding Leftwich? Or do they run the same plays and tell him to just get on with it.

Neither sounds like an optimal option when you’re about to face your biggest rival.