Kruger continues to grow, gives Ravens a lift on D

Kruger continues to grow, gives Ravens a lift on D
November 15, 2012, 9:00 pm
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Paul Kruger made a great deflection and interception in Sunday's rout of Oakland that helped the Ravens score three points. Kruger got his hands up to deflect a Carson Palmer pass and then catch it for the interception.

"I just put my hands up and the ball just happened to bounce the right way," he said afterwards. "Luckily the ball fell down, right into my hands. It's just kind of one of those plays that comes your way."

That play showed his athleticism and why the Ravens are hoping for big things from Kruger.

He's big but quick and can move and do a lot of different things. Kruger struggled earlier this season and battled through some injury trouble, but is he finally starting to do what the rest of the defense appears to be doing -- settling into place?

Kruger also finished with two sacks on Sunday, one of which came when Palmer simply fell down, and he was the first person to touch him. The good thing is that was the kind of game where Kruger made plays that made a difference, something the Ravens need more of all the way through the defense.

But the Ravens have played much better on defense the past two weeks since the break. Yes, they were only going up against the Browns and Raiders, two of the AFC's lesser teams, but the Ravens were flying to the football and making the kind of plays that can turn things around in a game. 

And Kruger was one of those players.   

“I think a lot of guys are really starting to come around, and this defense is starting to gel together," Kruger said. "Things are kind of rolling our way. It’s just a matter of us putting the right things together, and trying to make plays. We did that [in this game], and I think it’s going to keep getting better.”