Jones becoming kick-return force

Jones becoming kick-return force
November 13, 2012, 8:45 pm
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Jacoby Jones gave the Ravens a boost later in Sunday's rout of Oakland with his 105-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. The funny thing is, he was trying to get a longer one before that.

"Honestly, the ref blew his whistle on the one before," Jones said when talking to the media after the 55-20 victory Sunday. "I was trying to go 110, but he stopped it."

Jones that not getting the chance for that very long return gave  him some incentive to do it again. He scored on a 108-yard return earlier this season, and although 105 wasn't as long, Jones was more than happy.

"[Stopping the previous return] gave me a kick to do it on the next one," Jones said. "My guys did a heck of a job blocking. They take pride in it, and I certainly appreciate them for it. All I try to do is run fast and score.”

No one touched him on the return. Jones burst through a hole towards the right side and easily ran the 105 yards and not only did no Raider get his hands on him, none of them came near him.

Coach John Harbaugh, a former special teams coach himself, said that Jones doesn't have the ability to go every time, or the green light. Harbaugh said the return depends more on hang time, especially now since things have changed with returns due to the adjusted rules.

"The whole dynamic of the kickoff return rules have changed," Harbaugh said when talking to the media Monday. "What’s happened is when you bring them out that deep, the geometry of the play has changed a little bit, so you see more big plays for some reason. But, when it’s a high kick deep like that, then we try to keep them in there."