Jah Reid learns to keep emotions in check

Jah Reid learns to keep emotions in check
November 28, 2012, 11:30 pm
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In only his second season, Jah Reid has gone from being a backup to a starting role with the Ravens.

Reid, who missed the first seven games because of a calf strain that limited him since the offseason, has had a rocky road en route to playing left guard this season.

The offensive line allowed five sacks of quarterback Joe Flacco in a 16-13 overtime win at the San Diego Chargers last week.

The Ravens got off to a fast start, with Ray Rice running for 16 yards to get them near midfield.

But Reid had an off-start penalty that set the Ravens back to 2nd and 12. The drive stalled, the Ravens punted and never could find a rhythm after that until the third quarter.

“You’re supposed to shed it right away, but I felt pretty terrible about it,” Reid said.

It was just his fourth game and only his second start of this career. Reid replaced Bobbie Williams, a 12-year veteran who has been hampered by an ankle he broke that required surgery last season.

“He’s going to be a heck of a player,” left tackle Michael Oher said. “He’s physical, athletic. It’s been fun watching him get better. He’s going to be great, I believe.”

Reid is the third different starter at left guard. Ramon Harewood began the season as the starter there.

“I tend to get pretty down on myself but luckily I play next to Michael Oher who always picks me up. (Center) Matt Birk tells me not to worry about it just think about the next play,” Reid said. “Playing with these guys, they never break you down, always build you up.”

Learning how to let go takes experience.

“It’s definitely something you have to work on because you don’t want to hurt the team,” Oher said. “You just have to move on. One play doesn’t win or lose you the game.”

Reid appreciates the positive reinforcement. And he tends to respond to it.

“That’s the kind of support I need because I can dwell on a play,” he said. “They tell me to shut it out, forget about it. I’m so thankful for that.”