How will Pittsburgh get their offense going?

How will Pittsburgh get their offense going?
December 1, 2012, 3:45 pm
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The final word is in. Big Ben won't be playing Sunday, and Charlie Batch will be the quarterback. The Steelers also are still battling a lot of injuries in the backfield, and all of that leaves one big question.

What will the Steelers do on offense?

After a poor performance by the offense in last week's loss to the Browns, the Steelers are in a tough spot. Batch, despite being a veteran, hasn't played much in recent years although he was a starter earlier in his career. But Pittsburgh needs to win this game and can't afford the number of mistakes that happened last week. 

Eight turnovers will not help a team win many NFL games. In fact, the Steelers were very fortunate they didn't lose by a lot more. 

But the Steelers also are battling a lot of injuries in the backfield. So who do they turn to in this game? 

Here's guessing the Steelers will still try to lean on the running game. That's something they always seem to do. If they can find some success running the ball, then that would give them some control over the clock.

This is what they did in the game two weeks ago. The Steelers finished with 134 yards on the ground, a solid number, and that helped them control the ball for almost 33 minutes of the game. 

However, the only really long run they had was quarterback Byron Leftwich's 31-yard touchdown run on the first series. Other than that, no other Steeler ran for more than 11 yards, so the Ravens stopped them there. 

In the end, it's doubtful that the Steelers would put the whole game in Batch's hands. He just hasn't played in so long. They'll probably try to run and control the clock and pass when needed. But if the Ravens can jump out to an early lead and force the Steelers to throw, it could change a lot.