Harbaugh talks on Pagano's speech

Harbaugh talks on Pagano's speech
November 6, 2012, 12:15 am
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The Ravens have mentioned several times how much they're keeping former assistant coach Chuck Pagano in their prayers and sending him their best wishes after the new Colts coach was found to be battling leukemia earlier this season.

Pagano found his way into the national spotlight Sunday night after his emotional talks with the Colts on Sunday were shown both on TV and the Internet. It was easy to see the deep emotion in those talks as Pagano, who's undergoing treatment for the leukemia, came by to give his players some cheer-- and it worked. The video of his talking wtih his team was loaded with emotion and fire.

But Ravens coach John Harbaugh wasn't too surpised, saying that Pagano is a guy that "you believe in." In fact, they loved that little piece of video also.

"We actually showed the clip to our guys today in the meeting, which was really kind of neat," Harbaugh said. "Chuck's a fighter. We're all proud of him. We're proud of the way they're playing there and everything, and it was a neat moment."

Pagano was the team's defensive coordinator last year and well-liked by the players and the organization. The Colts made him the head coach after 2011, and he was diagnosed earlier this season. The Ravens are still following their former assistant coach and hoping for the best.  

"Chuck is a great person. He’s a great coach," Harbaugh said. "He’s all heart. He’s a guy that you believe in. He believes in his players, he believes in the guys he coaches with. You can see it in the team, the way that team is playing over in Indianapolis.. It was neat for all people who are football fans out there to see that clip and see some insight into Chuck Pagano.”