Forecasts for Ravens-Raiders

Forecasts for Ravens-Raiders
November 10, 2012, 3:45 pm
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The Ravens are trying to improve to 7-2 this season when they take on the Raiders Sunday in Baltimore. Here's a few guesses of what fans might see when watching the game.

1. Ray Rice again will be busy-- The Ravens really gave the ball to Rice last week in Cleveland, and it paid off. They also did a good job of mixing Bernard Pierce into the equation, and it looked a little last year with Ricky Williams helping out. The Ravens needed that punch from the backfield, especially Rice, who is one of the most dangerous players in the NFL.

2. The defense will still be trying to piece some things together with the new people in new places -- and the return of Terrell Suggs is going to be a big help again-- The Ravens, due to the big injuries, have people trying to learn new jobs in new spots. That takes time. The Raiders are not among the NFL's elite, but they can do damage. Since they're not one of the best times, that will give the Ravens some wiggle room in terms of making mistakes. They'll need that since there's seven games left in the season, and these are the players who will be in place the rest of the year.

3. Special teams could have an impact, possibly on returns- Jacoby Jones has been doing much better in recent weeks. The coverage has been solid, especially last week against Josh Cribbs and the Browns. If Jones can break a long one, that can have a major impact on the game. He's been getting closer. It will be interesting to see if he can do it against a struggling Oakland team. 

Prediction: Ravens 27, Oakland 17-- The Ravens will be up and down at times in this game, but they'll make enough big plays to win their seventh game.