Fake kick gives Ravens a TD

Fake kick gives Ravens a TD
November 13, 2012, 3:15 pm
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One of the subjects the Ravens and coach John Harbaugh were answering Monday involved the fake-field goal in the second half of Sunday's 55-20 rout of the Raiders.

They touched a little on the somewhat curious timing of it-- the Ravens were already up 24 points when they pulled it off -- but more on why the coaches decided to go with. The play unfolded perfectly with holder/punter Sam Koch took the snap and literally ran untouched into the end zone for another touchdown. 

Harbaugh talked after Sunday's game about the fact that Oakland kind of opened the door for the Ravens in that situation thanks to the way the Raiders lined up. They overloaded one side, putting about eight guys there. That opened up the left side, and Koch walked right in.

"There’s always a chess game that way, season-long. It’s good for people to know that we’ve got the ability to run that, but that’s not a play that you only run once," Harbaugh said when talking to the media on Monday. "That’s more of a numbers-count play. They have a chance to block the kick. When you overload to that extent, you have a chance to block the kick. It’s a risk for us to go out and kick that. If we get it blocked, and they pick it up and run it for a touchdown, that’s a different ball game. We basically decided not to take that risk."

That's why Harbaugh said the Ravens wanted to take a shot at the fake, going to the left side, where just three players were.

Oakland had overleaded that other side and was really taking a shot at blocking the kick. The Raiders opened the door for the Ravens to try the fake, regardless of the score. 

"So, they are in a situation, defensively, where they are trying to win the game," Harbaugh said. "There are still 20 minutes left in the game. They’ve scored a couple of touchdowns in the first five minutes of the second half, and they’re a dangerous offense. They are trying to win the game, so part of that was to line up eight guys on one side and try to block our kick there."