To-Do List for Ravens Vs. SD

To-Do List for Ravens Vs. SD
November 25, 2012, 12:45 am
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If the Ravens want to reverse last year's outcome and pull out a win in San Diego, they need to do a few things in Sunday afternoon's game.  

First, the defense must get to Philip Rivers and throw him off a bit. If you can't sack him, hit the QB, make his uniform dirty, make him sweat a bit. They can't let him just stand back there all day and pick the defense apart like last year. On the other hand, if Mr. Rivers gets to meet Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger and others, the Ravens could take command of this game.

Second, this is simple but needed. Make them punt. The offense didn't kick the ball away once last year in the loss. That can't happen again if the Ravens want to beat the Chargers -- or anyone, actually.

Three, the Ravens need to find some balance on offense. If they have problems passing, the run has to make up for it. And vice-versa. The Ravens have not played well away from home this year on offense, especially with the passing game. If Joe Flacco can get that air attack going like it does at home, the Ravens should do well. Or if Ray Rice can rescue everyone with his talent-- same result.

Four, cause turnovers against an inconsistent San Diego offense. If the Ravens can force mistakes, like they did last week in Pittsburgh, it will give their offense a break and set up some easy points while stopping the Chargers.

Five, get another good game from the secondary. Yes, they're challenged due to injury problems, but the secondary's done well at times lately. But Rivers is going to be a challenge.

PREDICTION: Ravens 27, Chargers 20-- The defense will do better this time around; they won't be embarrassed again. Same with the offense.