Defensive predictions for Sunday

Defensive predictions for Sunday
November 9, 2012, 3:30 pm
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The Ravens played much better on defense in last Sunday's win over the Browns in Cleveland. They're  hoping for more of the same when they finally return home this weekend to take on Oakland.

Here's a few general-type predictions on what we might see from the Baltimore defense in a game that the Ravens need to win:

1. The pass coverage will again improve, even though they're going against Carson Palmer and friends-- Palmer picked apart the Ravens several times during his glory days with the Bengals. He really gave the Ravens fits at times. But for all of those who are worried about him -- and he can still do the job even though he's on a team that's not as good -- Palmer won't hurt the Ravens as much. Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith have been improving in recent weeks. If they can do the same this week, the Ravens will continue to do better.

2. Terrell Suggs will make noise- Yes, this is a very general comment. But Suggs will come through. Think about it -- this is going to be his first home game since returning from the Achilles injury that kept him out of the first six games. He's home and will be in the spotlight for the first time. He's the kind of player that's going to do something to make the home crowd happy in this game-- count on it.

3. The run defense is going to keep getting better-- Even though Trent Richardson hurt the Ravens at times last week in Cleveland, the Baltimore defense was able to keep him under control long enough. Suggs said a few days ago that there's a lot of different people learning at the same time. And that is something which takes time. That can't be changed. The Ravens need to play better in the second half on run defense to push their team to a higher level, and they should have a shot at that in this game. Courtney Upshaw's been playing better along with Jameel McClain and others. They'll need more of the same in this contest.