Chiefs shouldn't be playing Sunday

Chiefs shouldn't be playing Sunday
December 2, 2012, 7:30 am
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Suppose Jovan Belcher had been a Raven. Suppose a member of the team had killed his girlfriend in front of his mother and infant daughter. Suppose that player had then gone to the Ravens complex and shot himself in the head in front of John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome.

Would you still want the Ravens to play the Steelers today?

As of late Saturday night, the NFL was still planning for the Chiefs-Panthers game to go on as scheduled Sunday, despite the murder-suicide committed by Kansas City linebacker Belcher. It’s all still so stunning, it’s hard to know how the Chiefs should react at the game. A moment of silence? But wouldn’t that be honoring a murderer? Make no public display at all?

Can the Chiefs really be in the right frame of mind to play a game so soon? Shouldn’t the NFL at least give them an extra day?

One man’s opinion: Don’t play Sunday. Wait until at least Monday. Better yet, postpone the game. Play it after the last regular-season weekend, before the playoffs start, on a Thursday. Neither team is going to be in the postseason. Take revenue from the game and set up a trust fund for the infant girl who just became an orphan in the most awful way.

It may be a long time or may never know the whys about this tragedy. But, for now, waiting to play just seems like the right thing to do.