C. Williams finding his way in the secondary

C. Williams finding his way in the secondary
November 29, 2012, 11:15 pm
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When the defense is playing better, the criticism calms down. One player who heard plenty of negative things in the first part of the season is cornerback Cary Williams.

He had problems at various points, getting beaten in different ways as the Ravens seemed like they just couldn't control passing games on a regular basis. But things have been changing in recent weeks. 

The team's pass rush has slowly been awakening, mostly since the return of Terrell Suggs, something that's helped the defense control the passing game a little better. However, Williams is one of the players who's also been faring better.

Williams often got beat on downfield patters but that's slowed in recent weeks. 

"I think the thing he’s been is a little more consistent, and that’s what we were looking for," defensive coordinator Dean Pees said when talking to the media on Thursday. "That’s what we didn’t have earlier in the year. I think we’d have some real good plays, and then we’d have some plays that … I’m talking about everybody, not just necessarily Cary [Williams]. I just think he’s been more consistent – feels a little bit more comfortable."

Williams looks more settled out there. The Ravens really needed him to do better due to all of the injury problems. Lardarius Webb is out for the year, and Jimmy Smith will be gone for awhile, so Williams was the cornerback who'd played the most in the last few years.

Pees said the recent improvement of Williams kind of goes along with what many on the defense have done recently.

"Just like all of them, they all have their moments," Pees said. "Nobody has played a perfect game in the 40 years that I’ve been coaching; I haven’t seen one of those. He’s just more consistent. He works hard during the week and prepares himself.”