Boldin fined, but not for huge hit

Boldin fined, but not for huge hit
December 1, 2012, 8:15 am
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Everyone was waiting to see whether the NFL would fine Anquan Boldin for his block that laid out Chargers safety Eric Weddle on Ray Rice’s already-famous fourth-and-29 play. There was no flag on the play, but there has been lots of chatter that Boldin’s block should have called for what used to be termed clipping.

As it turns out, Boldin is being fined — just not for that play. The league has fined him the odd amount of $7,875 for unnecessary roughness for another play in the fourth quarter, The Sun reported.

Boldin has proven himself to be a physical receiver totally unafraid of contact — in addition to showing the sure hands of a possession receiver.

A physical possession receiver who makes controversial hits — given the Steelers are next for the Ravens, does that description remind you of a certain Pittsburgh receiver whom Ravens fans loved to hate?