Showalter humbly accepts runner-up finish

Showalter humbly accepts runner-up finish
November 14, 2012, 4:15 am
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You kind of get the impression that fans may be more upset about Buck Showalter not winning American League Manager of the Year than Showalter himself is.

Speaking on WBAL Radio Tuesday night after the A’s Bob Melvin won a close vote for the award, Showalter was gracious.

“He’s very deserving. Bob had a great year out there,” Showalter said. “… We think sometimes we have a corner on competition in the American League East [but] the American League West was a very tough division this year.

“If I had a vote for it, I’d probably have cast it for Bob.”

Showalter did say he would have liked the award in order to share it.

“The only disappointment I have is for our club and our fans,” he said, indicating a Manager of the Year honor would have been an award as much about the Orioles as an organization as much as about him.

Showalter’s humility aside, even if he would have considered Manager of the Year a crown for the organization, Showalter is the one who has transformed the club’s outlook. So give him another award: Showalter is Optimus Prime, Transformer of the Year.