Showalter on Andino trade: "A tug on my heart"

Showalter on Andino trade: "A tug on my heart"
November 20, 2012, 8:15 pm
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Buck Showalter will miss Robert Andino. When Showalter came to Baltimore in Aug. 2010, Andino was stuck in Norfolk. The previous year, Andino had played the entire season with the Orioles with no great distinction.

The Orioles picked up Andino from the Marlins at the end of spring training in 2009, and Showalter was eager to take a look at a guy people said was talented. Others didn’t like his attitude.

He turned into one of Showalter’s nuggets.

“It’s a tough one,” Showalter said of Tuesday’s trade that sent Andino to Seattle for outfielder Trayvon Robinson.

He likes the trade for baseball reasons, but personally has grown attached to Andino.

“Robert’s grown up a lot. He’s a good husband and good father,” Showalter said while busily rehabilitating the right knee that was partially replaced last month.

“I’m glad he’s in a place where he’ll have a good chance to play,” Showalter said.

Andino didn’t have a good year offensively, but the manager will remember the magical Sept night in 2011 that started the wonderful comeback season of 2012.

Showalter’s farewell to Andino is a fond one.

“It’s a tug on my heart, but I feel good that he landed somewhere he’ll play a lot,” he said.