O's prospect in doughnut crisis

O's prospect in doughnut crisis
November 20, 2012, 3:30 am
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Just about everybody has noted the inopportune timing of the shutdown of Hostess — maker of Twinkies, Devil Dogs and Ho Hos — just when two states have voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

But one of the Orioles’ top pitching prospects also is lamenting Hostess’ demise.

As reported by The Baltimore Sun, Kevin Gausman has one of those odd baseball habits that will grow to be called eccentric should he become a successful starter in the majors — before each inning he pitches, Gausman eats four powdered mini-doughnuts, the kind made by Hostess.

Gausman tweeted this at the news that Hostess was shutting down its bakeries: “Ok I need to go out to every grocery store and get Powdered Hostess Donnetts pronto!!!! Can't believe they are going out of business.”

He needs to buy a lot of them. Even if Gausman throws just 150 innings next season, that’s still 600 Donettes. (And Gausman could be in luck. There is a wide assumption that when Hostess liquidates, another company will buy the brands and start to churn out Twinkies and the like.)  But powdered doughnuts? Just think about how those spots of white would show up on the Orioles’ alternate orange jerseys.