O's, Duquette earn off-season of good will

O's, Duquette earn off-season of good will
November 6, 2012, 5:00 am
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Before we even get to the matter of what fan expectations are for the Orioles next season, there is the question of the expectations are for the off-season.

In years past, winter meetings would often be followed by long faces. No big-impact signings. No significant trades. No sign that the team was being made better.

But suppose Dan Duquette returns from the winter meetings this year (Dec. 3-6 in Nashville, Tenn.) with virtually no haul — no free-agent signings, no deals. Consternation on the talk-show front? Angst on the message boards?

Or has the Orioles vice president earned himself an off-season of good will for having pieced together a roster that got the O’s to the playoffs for the first time15 years? The fan base could just be willing to wait for Duquette to scour the discards from among the waived and hope — believe? — he’ll make the right moves again.

So if he doesn’t land a veteran starting pitcher or grab a productive bat, Duquette likely would not be the target of derision. For a change, the Orioles look to be in a position to tweak the roster, not overhaul it.