The Orioles won't have to keep up with the Blue Jays

The Orioles won't have to keep up with the Blue Jays
November 14, 2012, 1:45 pm
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For now, it seems that the Orioles are satisfied with making what seems like incremental moves to help the team.

It’s a lot like last year.

Fans were disgusted when the team came back from the winter meetings empty-handed. After last season’s success, they’ll probably be more forgiving if it happens again.

The not-yet official megadeal between Toronto and Miami is certainly attention-grabbing. It shouldn’t necessarily be worrisome, though.

Missing the postseason since 1993, the Blue Jays feel compelled to make a deal to awaken their fan base. Toronto has seemed irrelevant for much of the last two decades in the AL East, but they’ve never reached the nadir. Only once during their dry period have the Blue Jays lost 90 games. The Orioles lost that many nine times.

Reputedly, Toronto has some very strong young arms in their farm system, but they’re choosing to try and build quickly.

Josh Johnson will be a free agent next winter. The durable Mark Buehrle, who has three years and nearly $50 million left on his contract, has won exactly 13 games in each of the last four seasons.
Jose Reyes signed a six-year, $106 million deal before last season.

If the Blue Jays don’t produce quickly, they will probably be looking to dump these contracts. Despite its obvious charms, Toronto finds it hard to attract free agents. Acquiring Johnson, Buehrle and Reyes is the next best thing.

The Orioles will probably prefer to build their way. Despite the Josh Hamilton talk, it’s likely that they’ll sign tertiary free agents like Scott Feldman or Jonny Gomes.

They wouldn’t make a megadeal like this one because they don’t have as many holes.

This deal is fun to read, write and talk about because it seems as if it’s one cooked up by a couple of bored radio talk show callers. It just doesn’t seem it’s going to make that much difference in the AL East.