Orioles have a profitable playoff run

Orioles have a profitable playoff run
November 26, 2012, 4:30 pm
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The Orioles just got some extra money to use for Christmas shopping. On Monday morning, Major League Baseball announced that the Orioles received $2.123,312.75 in playoff shares.

The team awarded 54 full shares of $35,825.61 as well as 5.85 partial ones and 25 cash awards.

Players receive their salary just for the regular season. They vote on who receives shares.

By beating Texas in the Wild Card Game, the Orioles roughly doubled their take. The Rangers each got full shares of $16,999.09.
Had they beaten the Yankees in the Division Series, the Orioles’ shares would have more than tripled.

The Yankees voted 58 full shares, and each was worth about $115,000.

Winning the World Series is not only fun, it’s profitable, too. The San Francisco Giants each picked up a record $377,002.64 each. The Tigers got $284,274.50 for being swept.

San Francisco’s share is a record, surpassing St. Louis’ $362,173.07 in 2006.