Orioles' Duquette snubbed

Orioles' Duquette snubbed
November 12, 2012, 4:00 am
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The Sporting News gave out its Executive of the Year award last week. Athletics general manager Billy Beane was the winner, selected by a vote of 57 major-league executives.

Beane certainly deserves credit for putting together a roster of mix-and-match pieces that surprised everyone by making the playoffs. Now, there was another guy who did the same thing — Orioles vice president Dan Duquette.

You can argue the point of whether Beane deserved the honor more than Duquette. You can argue that Duquette benefited from the moves made by Andy MacPhail before Duquette arrived on the scene for last season.

But here’s what really can’t be argued: Beane wasn’t so much better than Duquette that the A’s GM deserved 31 votes to Duquette’s zero.

That’s right. Duquette didn’t get a single vote from the 57 execs who picked the award. The men who headed the front offices for the Nationals, Rangers, Reds, Cardinals, Giants and White Sox all got at least one vote.

Duquette got bupkes. For those unfamiliar with Yiddish, bupkes is another way of expressing an amount that is nothing, except it’s the kind of insulting nothing that feels like less than zero.

And that’s what this is.

Duquette deserved strong consideration for the way he engineered a roster that not only made the postseason, but also nearly won the American League East from the Yankees. He should have gotten several votes strictly on the basis of bringing up Manny Machado early and installing him at third base.

Plus, where Beane is concerned, let’s repeat an observation made elsewhere: Once Brad Pitt plays you in a movie, you don’t need to win any awards.