New Oriole Casilla case of unrealized potential

New Oriole Casilla case of unrealized potential
November 4, 2012, 5:45 am
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With the Orioles picking up infielder Alexi Casilla, the question arises, as it does whenever your club picks up another’s castoff: Why were the Twins willing to let Casilla go?

It sounds like a matter of unrealized potential. The Twins wanted him to be a starter, but Casilla couldn’t grab hold of a job, though he had shots at two positions.

"Alexi Casilla might go over to Baltimore and start every day at second base and do all the things that we envisioned him doing for the last five years," Minnesota assistant general manager Rob Antony told the Star Tribune. "Alexi's got a lot of talent, and we've never doubted that.

"We gave him the second baseman's job, we gave him the shortstop's job and, for whatever reason, he just wasn't able to hold a starting job."

No one is anointing him the starter at second base just yet. But who knows? One of the things we learned this year is that some unlikely picked up by Orioles vice president Dan Duquette is bound to work out. If it’s not Casilla, there will be more candidates by spring training.