MacPhail wants to get back in game

MacPhail wants to get back in game
November 4, 2012, 8:45 pm
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Former Orioles president Andy MacPhail, many of whose moves paid off with the team’s return to the postseason this year, said he is ready to return to baseball.

MacPhail resigned from the Orioles last year and helped care for his father, Lee MacPhail, a lifetime baseball man who once was the O’s general manager. But he told Nick Carfado of the Boston Globe that now it’s time for him to come back, perhaps -- as has been rumored -- in some capacity with the commissioner’s office.

“I had a couple of conversations last year at this time, but I knew it wasn’t the right time,” he said. “There were things here at home that took precedent, and I’m very happy I made the decision I did and will never look back on that.”

MacPhail expressed pleasure that the Orioles were able to break through this year.

“I was just very happy for the fans in this area to see baseball so important to them again and to see the stadium filled,” MacPhail said. “I’m happy for a bunch of people there, including Buck [Showalter], who Peter [Angelos] and I brought in.

“I’m happy for Peter because nobody was more supportive of what we tried to do during those lean years than Peter. We stuck to a strategy and it paid off. We invested in the Dominican, and it’s paid off big dividends.”

MacPhail said his replacement, Dan Duquette, deserves a lot of credit for putting together the Orioles pitching staff.

“He did one of the hardest things there is to do, and that is to build a pitching staff that can compete at a high level,” MacPhail said.