Disappointed Orioles fans have little interest in World Series

Disappointed Orioles fans have little interest in World Series
October 23, 2012, 1:15 pm
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The Tigers-Giants World Series begins Wednesday night, and Orioles fans don’t really care who wins.

By now, many of those who were thrilled by the Orioles great season, but disappointed by their loss to the Yankees have moved on.

Some were happy to see New York humiliated by Detroit in four games. Others are more concerned about the Ravens’ meltdown in Houston.

The Orioles and Tigers usually play six games a season. Even though the two teams have faced each other forever, there’s no bad blood between them nor have they played in the postseason.

Their manager, Jim Leyland, once tried out for the Orioles, but signed with the Tigers in 1964. He’s universally admired.

The Orioles have no history with the Giants. They’ve never played them in the World Series and faced them only nine times—three games in 2002, 2004 and 2010. Only the 2004 games were played in Baltimore. The Orioles play three games in San Francisco next August.

Other than Giants’ pinch-hitter Aubrey Huff and their nonpareil broadcaster Jon Miller, there aren’t many Baltimore connections there, either.

The Tigers-Giants World Series should be a pretty entertaining one if Orioles fans are in the mood to be entertained these days.