JT3 expects Terps matchup in Big Ten, Big East tipoff series

JT3 expects Terps matchup in Big Ten, Big East tipoff series
May 5, 2014, 1:45 pm
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Following Sunday's leaked reports about an annual college basketball season tipoff series between the Big Ten and Big East conferences - homes to Maryland and Georgetown-, we now have additional specific details on the future event following a joint press conference on Monday:

*The series will start during the 2015-16 season and run through 2022.

*It will be called "The Gavitt Tipoff Games" in honor of former Big East East commissioner Dave Gavitt, a major force in the Big East's formation and rise to prominence.

*Eight games will be played on four consecutive days in the first full week of the college basketball season. Two games will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the first full week of each season (that timing avoids the bulk of the college or pro football schedule).

*The games will be played at home sites with an even split each year, meaning four games at Big Ten sites, four at Big East sites.

*Each Big East team will participate a minimum of six times while each Big Ten team will participate a minimum of four times. There are currently 10 Big East teams. As of next season there will be 14 Big Ten teams, including Maryland and Rutgers.

*The full schedule of eight games will be announced in late spring of each year.

As for specific matchups, nothing on that front. Yesterday's post included logical speculation about Maryland and Georgetown meeting in a planned regular season game for the first time since 1993 and at all for the first time since 2008. Often these conference matchups are based on pitting the best teams head-to-head and so on down the line. There's also the geography angle and there are several obvious match-ups there, including the sexy local one.

Georgetown coach John Thompson apparently believes a game with Maryland will indeed take place in this format.

As for the when and where, check back in late spring, this year or next or the one after that or...