Fishing Report: Time for Swimbaits!

Fishing Report: Time for Swimbaits!
July 6, 2014, 5:15 pm
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Time for Swimbaits!

Clear water and a summertime pattern open up a variety of presentations and lures, especially Swimbaits!

Early morning high tides with 85-degree water dictate targeting shoreline cover like pad fields and grass beds. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Highs in the mid 90s, clear on Monday with a chance of thunderstorms Tuesday thru Thursday before cooling to around 90 for Friday into the weekend.”

Start on top with poppers like Lucky Craft G-Splash in baitfish patterns. Use 12 pound test GAMMA Copoly and vary the retrieve, faster then slower. Pay attention to the cadence and when fish begin to reject these baits. Go deeper with Mann's Baby 1-Minus in Shad patterns and chatter jigs in craw patterns. Swimming Mann's 1/2 ounce Stone jigs with a 4.5-inch Mann's SwimShad. Also rig the HardNose SwimShads on a 5/0 Mustad swimbait hook with a 1/4-ounce weight, 20 pound test GAMMA Torque braid will work or try 16-pound test Edge fluorocarbon line. In either case, long casts over grass in clearer water will get bites. Use a medium heavy 7 foot rod or longer for better hooksets.

Hollow frogs, white under sunny skies, black when there are clouds can be worked in pads at high tides or over thick grass at lower tides. These will work anytime of day, cloudy or sunny days! Cast well into pads at high tide and over thick grass at lower tides. Long casts are key! Torque braided 60 pound test line is essential.

Always keep a Texas rigged weightless stickworm on a 3/0 Mustad Mega Bite hook ready for missed topwaters or just about anytime of day. Dead sticking, that is allowing the bait to free fall and sit for 10-20 seconds will produce!