World Cup Daily: Quarterfinals begin

World Cup Daily: Quarterfinals begin
July 4, 2014, 10:45 am
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Game of the Day: Colombia vs. Brazil, 4 p.m. ET (ESPN)

James Rodriguez of Colombia leads the World Cup in goals, while Brazil's Neymar looks to go for that crown if Brazil manages to advance. Colombia have been the most impressive team in the World Cup so far as they've combined a relentless attack with a stout defensive performance. While Rodriguez is the star of the tournament, Colombia are a team of unsung heroes around him.

The same can't be said for Brazil, while Neymar is the most visual star the team is comprised of stars -- and then Fred. How Brazil is a top soccer nation and can only produce Fred or Jo as their top options at striker is unbelievable. With all their talent across the roster it seems impossible that the best they have is Fred. Leandro Daimao was supposed to be that guy, but he didn't even make Brazil's World Cup roster.

These two teams have been two of the most attacking teams in the World Cup so far, so I imagine this game will continue in that same vein. 

Player of the Day: MF Mesut Ozil, Germany

Ozil has had a disappointing World Cup so far as other attacking talent has managed to outshine him so far. Thomas Muller was Germany's most dangerous attacker despite playing the false nine role that isn't where excels. Regardless, Ozil needs to step up against France and their talented midfield. 

The Germans, in my eyes, have the best midfield in the tournament, but France is very close in terms of talent. The French have impressed despite some uncertainty who will start in the midfield. 

Football Follies: So many take-down pieces of soccer have come out in the last few days, but why? Why tear down the World Cup? Do people question Stanley Cup ratings? The validity of golf as a sport outside it's biggest tournaments? It's all so strange. America didn't win enough for you? Well, care more about soccer and maybe we will. It's all just so bizarre -- you enjoyed the run, why take it down now?

Predictions: Colombia 2, Brazil 1 (PKs). Germany 3, France 2.