Wizards guard gives 'Pelicans' a thumbs down

Wizards guard gives 'Pelicans' a thumbs down
April 25, 2013, 12:15 am
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Last week the NBA's New Orleans franchise officially changed its nickname from the Hornets to the Pelicans.

At least one Louisiana native isn't exactly swooning over the swap.

"Out of the 30 NBA teams, I really wished it wouldn't be New Orleans," Wizards guard Garrett Temple said. Having grown up in Baton Rouge and played collegiality for LSU, Temple understands the significance of the Pelican to the Bayou state. That's just not enough for his endorsement.

"I learned about that in sixth grade in Louisiana history that the Pelican was the state bird," Temple noted. "Not that I've seen a lot of pelicans in New Orleans.

"I wish we could just get the Jazz back because there is a lot of Jazz in New Orleans. That's really don't have a lot of Jazz in Utah. Give Utah, I don't know what they would be, Do a name trade, something."

Ironically Temple spent the past season playing for a franchise that previously underwent its own name change.

"I'm used to the Wizards even though I've never seen a Wizard in Washington, D.C. as of yet," Temple cracked. "The Pelicans, it just doesn't seem right. "Maybe in three years we're talking about another name change and the pelicans is just an afterthought."

Seeing as Temple inferred that perhaps he might actually see one in Washington one day, a reporter asked if he could actually name any Wizards -- of the non-basketball playing kind.

Amused, the well-read Temple played along.

"Not many. Just when I read the Harry Potter books."