Wizards' assistant Cassell blasts the NCAA

Wizards' assistant Cassell blasts the NCAA
September 15, 2012, 5:04 pm
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By Michael Huberman

Throughout his NBA career, Sam Cassell was never one known to keep silent. So it shouldn't come as a surprise the Wizards' assistant coach is making his feelings known about the NCAA ruling his son, Sam Cassell Jr., ineligible to play for the University of Maryland this season.

Speaking to CBSSports.com, Cassell blasted the NCAA's decision.

Calling the NCAA "neighborhood bullies", Cassell said "the NCAA just wants kids to fail".

While Cassell Jr. has yet to decide on his future, his father's anger will likely still be directed at the NCAA. "But what the NCAA has done isn't right. What they do to kids isn't right."

Whether or not the NCAA wants its student-athletes to fail is certainly up for debate, but as always, what can't be denied is Cassell's candor. His openness and willingness to speak his mind is a characteristic that may just help him land a head coaching job down the road.

Just not in the NCAA.