What happened since Wall-Irving last played

What happened since Wall-Irving last played
November 15, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Entering the season CSN put together a list of the top 10 best/must see games for the Wizards upcoming season. Saturday's matchup with the Cavaliers came in at number three. The primary reason wasn't about two on-the-come teams talking playoffs after seasons in the lottery.

John Wall versus Kyrie Irving, this is what we want. Heralded point guard versus heralded point guard, top selection in the 2010 draft versus the first pick from the 2011 draft. Even though both have been in the league at least two seasons entering the current campaign, injuries deprived the public of coveted head-to-head matchups. None took place in three opportunities last season.

Apparently, the basketball gods are doing their best to prevent Wall and Irving from taking the court together for the first time since April 25, 2012.

For some context, here is what took place in the sports world since the last time Wall and Irving met on the court for an NBA game:

*The Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III the very next day, April 26, 2012. Over a million blog posts on the RGIII phenomenon followed from Rich Tandler alone.

*Two days later, Bryce Harper debuts for the Nats

*More than half of the Wizards current roster joined the team

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*Stephen Strasburg's return from Tommy John surgery followed by the infamous shutdown

*Alex Ovechkin went from supposedly overweight to MVP

*The Charlotte Bobcats have had three head coaches

*Ray Allen saves the Miami Heat and LeBron James' legacy

*NFL replacement refs and the "Fail Mary"

*Oscar "Blade Runner" Pistorius went from heroic Olympian to charged with attempted murder

*Lance Armstrong copped to stuff

*Michael Phelps won more medals, retired and then said maybe he's not done

*Otto Porter's sophomore season at Georgetown and debut for the Wizards...oh, not yet on the second part. Never mind.

*Derek Jeter handed out many gift bags (consider this an educated guess)

*In non-sports items, Barack Obama won reelection, man jumped from space, J.R. Ewing died, Breaking Bad dominated TV, and BatKid saved the day.

Wall versus Irving doesn't compare to any of that, not yet anyway. It certainly won't if these two don't start playing each other. Let's do this already.