Wall lists eight point guards better than him

Wall lists eight point guards better than him
April 2, 2013, 12:30 pm
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The "is John Wall a max player" talk has certainly been a major subplot all season with some signs indicating the Wizards intend on making him one

The question then becomes for how many years and how much money. One way to size up that aspect is by comparing Wall with other notable NBA point guards, those who have played their way into mega deals or are heading in that direction.

Fine, but which guards specifically? Wall conjured up his own list in an interview with David Aldridge from NBA.com following Sunday's win over Toronto.

"You've got Chris Paul, Russell," Wall said Sunday night. "Derrick right now. I'd say Kyrie [Irving]'s up there, doing pretty good. I like [Portland's] Damian Lillard. I'd say he's up there in that category... 

"He agrees, when Rajon Rondo's name is mentioned, that Rondo is better. He goes along with Denver's Ty Lawson, and volunteers Golden State's Stephen Curry. And that's the list. Eight better." 

No arguments with those names, though let's have Lillard get through another year before saying he's officially in such company. As for Tony Parker, guessing his absence is just an omission.

From there Aldridge notes that Wall believes he should receive a contract in line with those first four names, "each of whom is making at least $13.6 million (Westbrook's salary) this season." Rondo and Lawson are currently on deals that pay them on average per year $11 and $12 million respectively. Those eligible for such extensions - everyone besides Irving and Lillard - has received one.

If the Wizards make the former No. 1 overall pick its "designated player," then Wall will joins that high-end quartet. It also means the same cannot be done for Bradley Beal or any other player down the line. 

It seems rather clear - and has since the Wizards literally rolled out the red carpet for Wall on his first day in town after the draft - that the Wizards will (using John Malkovich's accent in "Rounders") pay that man his money. How both sides ultimately dot those I's and cross those T's is the question.