Wake-up call: Automatic fine, possibly more for Gooden (UPDATED)

Wake-up call: Automatic fine, possibly more for Gooden (UPDATED)
March 22, 2014, 8:15 pm
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UPDATE 22 March 2014, 5:09 p.m.


After being ejected in Friday's game at the Los Angeles Lakers, Drew Gooden is facing an automatic $2,000 fine from the NBA and possibly an additional penalty after the play is reviewed by the league office.

Gooden, who could be seen complaining to officials about what he though were no-calls on previous plays, was getting agitated. Jodie Meeks had struck him in the face when he grabbed a rebound, Gooden lost the ball and it gave the Lakers an extra possession.

Gooden crashed the boards on a missed shot in the lane by Nick Young on the Lakers' ensuing possession, became entangled with him and forcefully threw him off. Young took exception because of the awkward position he was in with his arm locked up. He didn't appear to do anything outside the rules to Gooden. 

Gooden, a 6-10 forward-center who had 11 rebounds in just 19 minutes, fell to the floor and Young rushed him but didn't strike him which is why Young only received a technical foul.

Lakers center Jordan Hill came to his teammate's defense and shoved Marcin Gortat who was trying to keep everyone separated. Like Gooden, he was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul which carries an automatic ejection. Gortat wasn't penalized because he didn't strike or shove Hill in return. 

If the NBA determines there was a player in the skirmish who wasn't penalized but should've been, such as someone throwing a punch that was overlooked or leaving the bench to run onto the floor, that player still can be fined. Replays didn't show that either of those things happened. The league also could suspend a player for the next game but what happened Friday wasn't serious enough for such a ruling.

Gooden should be notified of the review at some point on Saturday.

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