VIDEO: The two sides of UNLV's Anthony Bennett

VIDEO: The two sides of UNLV's Anthony Bennett
May 27, 2013, 12:00 am
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Just about any basketball profile on UNLV forward Anthony Bennett focuses on his significant potential, which primarily comes from his diverse offensive capabilities. The 6-foot-7 freshman has power and length to score inside, legitimate perimeter range with his jump shot and the ability to drive with either hand.

Simply listing those positive attributes probably does not impress upon those reading this the special nature of his point-producing ways. Thankfully, has put together a series if video profiles for many of the 2013 NBA Draft prospects, including one highlighting Bennett's strengths - and weaknesses.

Those primarily lay on the defensive end and DE does a credible job at showing the areas of concern, including being a "poor off the ball defender", "goes half speed", and the troubling "jogs back on defense in transition." The Bennett montage is over 10 minutes, but absolutely worth watching.

Did taking a closer, specialized look at all facets change my opinion about what the Wizards might do with the third overall pick? A little, yes, because if coach Randy Wittman has a strong voice in the decision, not sure he would be comfortable with Bennett's defensive issues (especially compared to Georgetown forward Otto Porter's proficiency in that area). Then again, Bennett's shot-making ways surpass virtually all the frontcourt prospects in the draft.

Seeing as Bennett is recovering from rotator cuff surgery, the Wizards will not be able to gauge his defense or hustle during workouts. In other words, they will be looking at film like the rest of us. Lots, lots more, hopefully.