Trevor Ariza cites 'lack of focus' before ejection

Trevor Ariza cites 'lack of focus' before ejection
January 4, 2014, 4:15 pm
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The Wizards were 12 points down when Trevor Ariza made his exit stage left. He'd been called for his second charging foul of the third quarter and received a technical foul by official Kevin Scott for arguing the call. As Ariza walked away, he then was overheard by another official, Joey Crawford, serenading Scott with two simple words. Suffice to say, the second word was "you."

"It was a frustrating day, all the way around but that's no excuse for our lack of focus or whatever, starting with me," said Ariza, who scored just six points in 21 minutes of a 101-88 loss to the Toronto Raptors at Verizon Center on Friday. "I wasn't into the game so I take full responsibility for that."

It has been a while since Ariza has been ejected. He estimated it had been about five years, and he didn't feel any better to get the anger off his chest.

"It wasn't the way that I was playing," Ariza said when asked if the reason for his outburst had to do with the charging calls or to the game slipping away after trimming the deficit to three at halftime. "It was just bad."

He then smiled, knowing if a player criticizes officials that the league will issue fines. But Ariza had a valid case: Amir Johnson was moving on the first charging call and Kyle Lowry slid underneath Ariza when he already was into his move going to the basket. 

"The frustration got to me even more," Ariza said. "If I was going to get ejected, I should've gotten my money's worth."

A first ejection carries a $2,000 fine. Players are fined $2,000 for each of their first five technicals. As the ejections and technicals escalate, so do the penalties up to $5,000 each.