Technically speaking, Wall OK with this $2,000 fine

Technically speaking, Wall OK with this $2,000 fine
March 16, 2014, 5:00 pm
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If John Wall is nothing else, he's honest about what he has done wrong, from his decision-making on the court to his lack of commitment at times defensively to being too abrasive in his language to certain teammates. The technical foul he was assessed in Friday's win at the Orlando Magic that will cost him $2,000, though it came under what appeared to be peculiar circumstances from official Joe Crawford, was deserved.

Wall hit the floor hard at 6:56 of the third quarter with the WIzards trailing 52-47 and falling behind more and more. He called a timeout to retain possession and complained about the lack of a foul call to official Derek Richardson, who was closest to the play. When that exchanged ended without incident, Wall walked away and then was addressed by Crawford, who appeared to bait him.

Wall apparently took exception to Crawford referring to him, "No. 2" rather than by his name. Wall had a flippant response, feeling that Crawford's tone was condescending. Hence, the technical. 

The NBA reviews all technical fouls and they can be rescinded if it is determined that it was an incorrect call. Based on how this technical came to fruition -- it was a judgment call by Crawford and it'll be difficult to reconstruct the conversation unless there's definitive audio -- it's extremely unlikely that it would be overturned. 

Wall was fined $15,000 by the NBA for "inappropriate comments" about the officiating in the Wizards' loss to the Charlotte Bobcats earlier in the week. 

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